Women's services

Two women talking

The Corston Report of 2007 laid down the foundations for a new approach to the way women are treated within the criminal justice system. Their pathways into crime are very different from those of men, and when a woman is imprisoned or serves a community sentence, often many others including children are affected since the woman may be a caregiver.

In addition women in prison have a far higher than average incidence of mental health issues, self-harm and have often experienced abusive relationships. If these circumstances are ignored, it is very difficult for women to find a path out of crime.

Through dedicated Women’s services we are able to deal with the very specific issues which lead to women’s offending behaviour, including Eden House.

Eden House offer an integrated, holistic, women-only service which is shown to result in greatly improved outcomes for women who have committed crime. It offers some of the most vulnerable women the resources and support they need to overcome their complex problems, whether linked to offending, substance misuse, housing, domestic abuse, or health and well-being.

It is staffed by female key workers and offender managers and provides a safe, women-only ‘one-stop shop’ offering practical support, sentence supervision, group programmes, drop-in sessions, and active signposting and referral to local specialist services, some of which deliver specialist clinics around housing, drugs and employment under the same roof.