Through the Gate (TTG)

Through the gate

Through our TTG service we work with offenders to develop a personal resettlement plan, with the aim of helping them to reintegrate into the community and supporting them following their release from prison so that they can turn their lives around and reduce reoffending.

The resettlement process begins at the start of a custodial sentence, when the offender completes a Basic Custody Screening Tool 2 (BCST 2) assessment with one of our resettlement advisers to assess their needs. They are asked about their previous accommodation, employment, finance or benefit issues in a safe environment, and given the opportunity to ask questions and raise any concerns about their release from prison.
We then work with individuals to: 

  • find suitable accommodation before they are released from custody 
  • prepare them for work and help them identify suitable job opportunities
  • find suitable training and educational courses 
  • manage their money and debts and give them advice on how to claim benefits 
  • refer them on to specialist agencies

During the last 12-weeks of a service user’s sentence, we then allocate a resettlement worker to work with the individual until the end of their sentence giving them the confidence to move forward.