Senior Attendance Centres (SACs)

Senior Attendance Centres

Our senior attendance centres are aimed at young adults aged 18 to 24 years old who have committed low to medium level crimes, and in particular people who have been convicted for the first time.

SACs provide an element of punishment but just as importantly provide plenty of scope for positive and supportive rehabilitation work. 

Our SACs help to organise constructive activities that address offending behaviour which in turn reduces their risk of reoffending. They encourage people to make positive changes to their lifestyle and support efforts to improve emotional and physical well-being, education, employability and life skills which will increase their employability opportunities.

Attendance at a SAC will help people to:

  • reflect on their crime and focus on their offending behaviour
  • develop a sense of personal responsibility and self-discipline 
  • learn and develop new practical skills and interests
  • understand how to manage their money
  • have successful relationships including respect for parents/partners; parenting skills and social skills
  • learn how to live a healthy lifestyle.