Rehabilitation Activity Requirements


A Rehabilitation Activity Requirement (RAR) is an intervention that has been designed to address a range of different types of behaviours and levels of offender risks. These types of offending behaviour are not covered by an accredited programme or similar intervention. 

Our RARs help to:

  • protect the public and reduce reoffending
  • enable individuals to acquire new skills and attributes
  • enable interventions to be introduced in a coordinated way making them more likely to succeed
  • deliver a more flexible, tailored approach which takes account of the varied needs of each individual.

RAR’s help individuals to:

  • develop communication and problem solving skills in relationships 
  • understand the impacts alcohol and substance misuse can have on their life
  • recognise how to improve their parenting skills
  • maintain and deal with the emotional distress issues that influence their offending

The RAR’s also support women offenders by helping them to understand how their anti-social behaviour may have been impacted by their personal experiences. They can develop new skills such as problem solving and learn how to achieve positive change in their lives.